Real estate opportunities for foreign buyers in Cambodia

Apartment investment in Phnom Penh

Offices and commercial units in condominiums

As well as the high demand for housing in Cambodia, hundreds of new companies and multinationals are entering the market.

Developers have identified this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors and offer office or commercial condominium units for sale.

Sometimes this can be integrated into a property programme that will also include flats for sale, or it can also be a stand-alone office development.

Serviced residence, hotel and resort type investments

An increasingly common type of property investment or opportunity we are seeing in Cambodia is investment in a serviced residence or hotel.

This can be very attractive to many investors looking for high and often guaranteed rental returns. It is also not uncommon for this type of investment to include a guaranteed buy-back option.

A guaranteed buyout is a contract between the developer of a new project and anyone who buys a unit in that development, stipulating that the developer will buy the unit back from the owner after a set period of time.

Colonial Apartments

Cambodia is littered with hundreds of old French colonial buildings. A common trend for foreigners living in Cambodia is to buy an older flat, with the vision of renovating the property before selling it at a higher price.

This practice is very common in many markets around the world. While there are significant financial gains to be made from this type of investment, we advise anyone outside of Cambodia to focus on other investment opportunities in the property market, which come with a long-term lease, hard title or condominium.

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